Future projects

It became clear that individuals are working on a number of projects and we can start to communicate these a little more.

Swifts in Mendham - Denis Pye is trying to get nesting sites established to bring swifts back into Mendham parish.

Local walk leaflets - Colin Herbert is drafting a series of 4 walking leaflets and seeking funding for a significant print run to place leaflets in local libraries, information centres, holiday cottages, village halls, etc. The parish council has voted unanimously to support the project. There has never been a set of walks dedicated to Mendham parish.

Now & Then (or Past & Present?) - Colin would like to gather a set of old photographs and take the corresponding present day version. Jill Fairhead took pictures of many of the properties in Mendham and Withersdale in 2000 and some of those could be used as well. It would be a visual feast of changes in the last hundred years or so. Many of the old images would come from turn of the century postcards but we would use older photographs if we have them.

The history of Mendham - Colin & Denis are trying to pull together all the available information to produce a single resource on the website, possibly even produce a paper version, a simple, easy to read history book about Mendham parish.

Outside Tennis Table - A concrete table tennis table that can be used in all weathers, situated at the village hall... an idea by Tracey Tompkins

Boules court - a place to play boules at the village hall, another idea from Tracey

A study of moles in Mendham parish - Toby Herbert (spring/summer 2015)

War Memorial stories and houses where the people lived - Toby Herbert (autumn 2014)

Any more projects to mention?



 Mendham & Withersdale

    Two English villages on the river Waveney on the Norfolk/Suffolk border

        One parish, two villages... bringing the community closer together






Where does the name Mendham originate?

Never an easy question to answerr but here are some notes collected from various spurces over the past few years:

Mendham: *Mynda hām ‘*Mynda's farm’, probably Mynda’s homestead... Mynda + Ham (homestead), could be Mynda’s meadow/enclosure, Myndham c950

*Myndel, formed from an earlier ^Mund-il, due to adding the dimin. suffix -il to the A.S. Mund. cf. G. milndel, a pupil. Both Mund and Munda occur as A.S. personal names. If this is right, the original sense was 'Myudel's home' or 'Myndel's enclosure' and a possible sense of Mendham is 'Mynda's home' or ' Mynda's enclosure'; where *Mynda is from a stem *Mund-jon-, formed, in the usual way, as a weak masculine from the base Mund.

The surname is recorded in several spellings including Mendham, Menham, Mineham, Minham, Minam, and possibly others and is an English surname. It is locational and is a slang or at least a variant spelling of the Suffolk village name Mendham. This place is first recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Wills record of the year 951 AD as 'Myndham'. The name translates as 'The homestead of Munda', an early personal name which probably derives from the Norse-Viking word 'mundi', the modern 'Monday'.

The Munda's were a tribe of some importance in the centuries after the end of the Roman Conquest of Britain in 412 AD. An early recording in what may be regarded as the 'correct' spelling is that of Ann Mendham, christened at St. Mary Magdalene in the city of London on 12th June 1572.

So now you know!




Youth Club newsletters

The Mendham and Withersdale Youth and Football Club (its full name!) is always busy with new ideas. Newsletters tend to be published by the Youth Club in Spring, Summer and Autumn so check for the latest newsletter here.



Middlegate pottery

Some time ago the barn, Middlegate House (next to Highfields on Foxes Lane and originally part of its farm) hosted a pottery and they made several items. The most famous was a contract to make the pots for Colmans Mustard in Norwich. Here is the old sign that used to hang near the gate and a pot that recently sold on eBay (photographs with permission of David Tatham, copyright 2015).




School photograph c1891

Our thanks go to Sandra (Sandie) Flatt for this picture taken in about 1891 outside of Mendham school showing the staff and pupils. Sandie's grandfather is Frederick Job Flatt and is in the picture, front row centre. Thanks Sandie!
Fred Job Flatt

Red Nose Day 2015

The Youth Club 'Red Nose Day' fundraiser! Withersdale Youth Club sold 60 red noses, held a 'bring a plate, buy a plate' cake stall and invited parents and helpers to have their faces painted by their children to raise money for Comic Relief. They raised £96.00. Thank you to all who dared to take part. 




Mid Suffolk - Community Achievement awards

Unsung local heroes Kathy Ferrar and Jill Kent were honoured at an awards evening at Haughley Park on Thursday 12th March 2015. Both were nominated by Councillor Marilyn Curran to receive an award and received a framed certificate and a voucher from the sponsors, the East of England Co-operative Society.

Jill was recognised for her community work for over 40 years, especially for promoting and supporting events. Jill has served on various groups in the community including the PCC, Community Council, Village Hall Committee and Youth Club.

Kathy is the current chairman of the Community Council, a parish councillor, a bell ringer and is involved in the Waveney Art Trail. Last year Kathy played a pivotal role in Mendham's bid for 'Village of the Year' and was involved in the Parish Plan which tackles important issues that will influence the Mendham neighbourhood in the future.

Well done ladies!




Village of the Year 2014 - How to spend the prize money?

The parish received a total of £850 in prize money from the Village of the Year competition last year. In February 2015 a voting form was placed in the Six Sense magazine, inviting residents of Mendham and Withersdale to have their say on how the monies should be spent. The results/suggestions were as follows:
Winning suggestion:  A Boules pitch/Piste in the grounds of the Village Hall.This got most votes and it is hoped to get this built as soon as possible.

Other suggestions:

  • A basic hygiene course - this could still happen and may be discussed at future Mendham and Withersdale Community Council meetings
  • Carpet bowls - A great idea, but this takes place at Metfield village hall. Please contact them for more information.
  • Benches at the other end of the football field at Withersdale - A great idea. The existing benches on the field were purchased by individuals, some in memory of a loved one. There are plans to install some more as others have expressed an interest in having their own benches. When more are purchased maybe one or two could be placed at the other end of the field and possibly around the proposed Boules piste. If you would like to purchase a bench, maybe dedicated to someone special, please contact Steve Keeling, the hall chairman on 01379 586557. They cost about £120 with the brass plaque included.
  • Well signed footpaths and walks - There are some walk leaflets, due to be printed this spring, detailing some walks around Mendham and Withersdale and the immediate surrounding area. More details will be available soon. Leaflets can be placed at the Munnings Pub, village hall, churches and noticeboards. For more information please contact Colin Herbert on 01379 588202.
  • Tennis rackets and equipment at the MUGA - There are 12 rackets at the village hall belonging to the Youth Club. We are looking to place a weatherproof box inside the MUGA to hold 2x23", 2x25" and 2x27" rackets. Some tennis balls will be placed in the box too. However, balls tend to disappear so we cannot guarantee there will always be balls available and would suggest that you bring some of your own. To become a member of the MUGA please download a membership form from this website or contact Tracey Tompkins on 01379 852969.
  • Safe walking access to the village hall from Withersdale - The Village Hall Committee has recently purchased a ride on lawnmower. Grass cutting is a massive cost and issue to the hall, but now we have a mower it is hoped to keep the grass well cut this summer so that villagers can enter at the corner of the field and walk easily to the hall on short cut grass.

It is hoped that all of the suggestions have been/will be addressed, however, if you have any queries at all, please contact a member of Mendham Parish Council or the Community Council. Thank You.



Most Active Village - Mendham are runners-up!

In 2014, active towns and villages across Suffolk were urged to come forward and shout about how they’re championing sports and physical activity in their local community, an initiative from Suffolk County Council. So on the back of our preparation for the Village of the Year competition, we also quietly entered the 'Suffolks Most Active Town & Village Competition'  and have been names as runners up for the small village category! So Mendham parish earns yet another certificate which will be presented at some time to be arranged. The winners were:

Town winner: Kesgrave
Town runner-up: Southwold and Reydon
Large village winner: Brantham
Large village runner-up: Hundon
Small village winner: Middleton-cum-Fordley
Small village runner-up: Mendham



MUGA membership - Summer 2015

img 2972 20140803 1652383486Half year memberships are now available giving access to the MUGA from April to September!

Please download a membership form from mendham.org.uk or call Tracey on 01379 852969. Those of you who were members last summer need NOT complete another form. Please contact Tracey to activate your membership for summer 2015.

Anyone for tennis?


Youth Club Newsletter - Spring 2015

The Youth Club goes from strength to strength. Here is the newsletter for this spring.



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