Future projects

It became clear that individuals are working on a number of projects and we can start to communicate these a little more.

Swifts in Mendham - Denis Pye is trying to get nesting sites established to bring swifts back into Mendham parish.

Local walk leaflets - Colin Herbert is drafting a series of 4 walking leaflets and seeking funding for a significant print run to place leaflets in local libraries, information centres, holiday cottages, village halls, etc. The parish council has voted unanimously to support the project. There has never been a set of walks dedicated to Mendham parish.

Now & Then (or Past & Present?) - Colin would like to gather a set of old photographs and take the corresponding present day version. Jill Fairhead took pictures of many of the properties in Mendham and Withersdale in 2000 and some of those could be used as well. It would be a visual feast of changes in the last hundred years or so. Many of the old images would come from turn of the century postcards but we would use older photographs if we have them.

The history of Mendham - Colin & Denis are trying to pull together all the available information to produce a single resource on the website, possibly even produce a paper version, a simple, easy to read history book about Mendham parish.

Outside Tennis Table - A concrete table tennis table that can be used in all weathers, situated at the village hall... an idea by Tracey Tompkins

Boules court - a place to play boules at the village hall, another idea from Tracey

A study of moles in Mendham parish - Toby Herbert (spring/summer 2015)

War Memorial stories and houses where the people lived - Toby Herbert (autumn 2014)

Any more projects to mention?



 Mendham & Withersdale

    Two English villages on the river Waveney on the Norfolk/Suffolk border

        One parish, two villages... bringing the community closer together






Youth Club Newsletter - Spring 2015

The Youth Club goes from strength to strength. Here is the newsletter for this spring.



Coffee morning @ Village Hall

Coffee Morning


Dr Dan visits Mendham

Dr Dan Poulter, MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and a Government health minister, attended a village 'get-together' on Friday evening at the Sir Alfred Munnings Public House and Hotel in Mendham. Dr Dan congratulated Mendham and Withersdale (Mendham parish) on their achievements this year, winning 'Mid Suffolk Village of the Year', coming runner up as 'Suffolk Village of the Year' and being given the 'Open Spaces Award' for Suffolk in recognition of the building of the MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area).

This annual event, organised by the Mendham and Withersdale Community Council, was particularly poignant this year following the villages' successes. Tracey Tompkins thanked Dr Dan, on behalf of the villages, for attending the event and thanked Kathy Ferrar and Colin Herbert for coordinating the Village of the Year application and for the input from all the various organisations. Mrs Tompkins said, "There is such a lot going on in the parish and it's a great place to live." The success of the Munnings Pub and Hotel, the Village Hall, MUGA and more recently the opening of the new nursery at Mendham School, were mentioned as highlights that are creating a buzz in the parish.

Dr Dan spent the evening talking to residents. There was also a raffle and a buffet was enjoyed by all.


More old items about Mendham

During research on the war memorials we talked with Paul Flatt who lives locally and used to live in Mendham for many years. He has been given some family items (photographs, newspaper cuttings, etc.) and has very kindly shared them with the Mendham community, for which we thank him. We think there may be more to come as well.

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Here's an example, L>R back row: ? Goodwin, Roscoe Rustead, Herbert Thurston, ? Goodwin, Harry Seaman, George Flatt, Alfred Thurston; adults: Reverend Egremont, ? Andrews; front: Wallace Riches; date unknown


View old items here




Mendham parish in 'Village People' magazine



Mendham parish is in the winter 2014 copy of the 'Village People' magazine (page 9) which is delivered to 50,000 homes next week. It is also available free in Budgens. It mentions the school children as well which is nice.







War memorial research

TobeGraveCompleted!   Phew, that took longer than we thought! 

In 2011 Suzanne Baker from Mendham did some essential groundwork on the names that are on the war memorials in Mendham and Withersdale and some that are not. Colin and Toby Herbert have now completed that work and of course it's...

shared on this website. 

The information is printed into a summary document which resides in All Saints, Mendham. 




St Mary Magdalene churchyard plan

As part of the war memorial project in 2014, the paper plan that is in the church was transcribed into a spreadsheet which may be useful for researchers who aren't local to the area. There are 3 sheets in the MS Excel workbook. The first is the plan, the second has all the names sorted by burial reference and the third has all the names sorted by surname.


Churchyard plan and sorted names



Village of the Year 2014

Children from Mendham Primary School and parents gathered in the rain to watch the unveiling of the 'Mid Suffolk Village of the Year' sign on Mendham village green on Monday 6th October 2014, followed by drinks and a biscuit. We entered the competition with all the documentation being prepared by athy Ferrar, Tracey Tompkins and Colin Herbert. We received the judges at the village hall and later learnt that we had won the Mid Suffolk District round. Then the judges came to the village hall again to judge for the final Suffolk County round. Mendham, Whatfield and Worlington were the last 3. On Lesley Dolphins radio program on Radio Suffolk on Friday 5th September the winners were announced. Whatfield won, Mendham came 2nd and Worlington came 3rd.

For the Mid Suffolk District Round we win £300, a certificate signed by the Chairman of Mid Suffolk District Council and a village sign that we can keep for 3 years. Its now in the ground at Mendham village green. All 3 were presented to the community on Monday 6th October at 3pm with all the school children in attendance as well as others from the community. The certificate will be displayed in the village hall.

Whatfield, the Suffolk County winners are hosting a party and representatives from Mendham will attend where we will be presented with a cheque for £450 as runners up. All monies go to the parish council.

Well done to everyone who helped and contributed. A job well done!

  • Presentation of sign on Mendham green
  • Presentation of sign on Mendham green
  • Presentation of sign on Mendham green
  • Presentation of sign on Mendham green
  • Presentation of sign on Mendham green
  • Presentation of sign on Mendham green
  • Presentation of sign on Mendham green



New website owner!

After 7 years of the website being built and supported by an individual, a vote last night (29th September 2014) accepted a proposal that the website should now be owned by the parish council. This is great news as we can expect it to have a higher profile and be supported with more content. Ownership means paying the bills, being ultimately accountable for the content and promoting the use of the site. There will be no dramatic changes, but behind the scenes it will be moved to a new host package to allow the parish council to support the costs of hosting the content and maintaining the domain name of mendham.org.uk

We get hits on the website from all over the world now as people are interested in learning about Mendham (either its history or people studying genealogy), the Munnings and the Waveney Valley. We also do well on the village hall page, the welcome pack and the parish plan with over 12,000 hits each and newer areas like events getting over 7,000 hits is a short time. We are getting increasing interest in the picture gallery which tries to capture all the parish events to help us remember the good times.

Well done to the parish council for this great support and lets look forward to an increasing amount of quality content, especially pictures, in the future!



Angry birds!

On Friday 26th September 2014 the Mendham and Withersdale Youth Club have created another bale display in the grounds of the village hall. This time there are 4 'Angry Birds' and all the children helped, painting and sticking to make the giant creatures outside the hall and some smaller crafty 'Angry Birds' in the hall. They are all keen to do another bale display for Christmas so watch this space!

  • Angry birds
  • Angry birds
  • Angry birds
  • Angry birds
  • Angry birds



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