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Autumn night

Autumn night at the Mendham and Withersdale youth club and our popular club is growing but can you be surprised when you see what we are up to and all the wonderful volunteers ready to play and have fun.


Tonight we focused on Autumn and as the winds blew out side and the rain fell this did not stop the sports stars of the club who were raring to get outside and kick a ball about.  Inside there was lots of fun to be had as we made some of the cutest owls I have ever seen, plus some very lovely hedgehogs using some of natures beautiful leaves.  We also had a number of chefs step up and make cheesy garlic bread not that the parents would believe us as most of it was scoffed up before they arrived.  We also played at racing hedgehogs with balloon but this didn't go as planned as the necks of the balloon were a bit sticky inside and didn't give us that blast of air we needed, oh well the kids still had fun racing slow hedgehogs and playing with the balloons. 





Angel of the East!

A giant angel is spreading good news!  This happy angel, standing over 12ft tall in the grounds of Mendham and Withersdale Village Hall, is proudly advertising the forthcoming 'Wreaths and Angels' Festival, which will be taking place at All Saints Church, Mendham on the weekend of 27th, 28th and 29th November from 10am - 4pm. Café and stalls. Entrance just £3.50, children free. There are lots of hand crafted items and the church will be jam-packed full of displays.

Also taking place, on Sunday 29th November, is a Christmas produce and craft market at Mendham and Withersdale Village Hall from 1pm - 4.30pm. Lots of gifts and Christmas goodies on sale.

Mendham is the place to be, the last weekend in November, promising to get your festive celebrations off to a great start.

For more information on the festival, contact Kate on 01379 854670 or for information on the Christmas market contact Jill on 01379 852559.

This bale creation is the sixth display created in Mendham. Previously, spiders, ghosts, minions, angry birds, 'Olaf' the snowman and a giant dog have been created using 4ft bales. A spokesman for the hall committee said, "Passers by on the B1123 at Withersdale, where the bale creations are located, now look out for the next display. They have definitely put Mendham on the map with photographs appearing in local newspapers and the Farmers Weekly magazine. Sometimes the children from Youth Club get involved. They loved creating the minions."

Mendham PC meeting

The next Mendham Parish Council meeting is at 7:30 at Mendham Primary School on Monday 16th November. Lots of local items on the agenda and the public are always welcome. Pop along and see what's happening! Agenda is here.

Remembrance poem

Jessica McInnes age 11

This poem was written by Jessica McInnes, age 11, from Mendham school and read by her at the remembrance service at the war memorial in Mendham last Sunday (8th November). Well done Jessica.

During a short service the names of the men were read out. There will be 9 more names on the Mendham memorial in the coming months, 5 transferred from St Mary's memorial in Withersdale (to consolidate all names for the parish on the Mendham memorial) and 4 new names resulting from research over the last year. One correction will also be made to an existing name.

Blo rocket night

16th October 2015 - Tonight we will be having another tournament at the Mendham and Withersdale youth club with lots of fun crafting our own blo rockets and shooting them as high and far as we can and hopefully landing them in bowls to win prizes, the kids also got to take their handmade blo rockets home too. 

Want to make your own blo rocket simply draw a rocket and cut it out, make a paper cover to go over a straw so it catches the air as you blow through the straw and stick your rocket to the paper cover.  Put the cover onto a straw and when you blow through your straw your rocket should fly off the end of the straw. 


Fizz Pop Bang

6th November 2015 - A new term and new fun to be had at the Mendham and Withersdale youth club, tonight’s theme is all about fireworks and we had loads of fun with two activities.

Blo art the kids made loads super glittery paint explosion art pieces using a straw to blow paint across black card,  Julie the volunteer was busy all night long with children not doing 1 art master piece but 4 and 5 per child, the parents were sure surprised on collection when greeted with so much colour and sparkle. 

Our other very popular activity was making edible sparklers with each child able to make quite a few which we hoped to show the mums and dads but they were all gobbled  up, all that popping candy and chocolate was just too much to resist.

Want to make your own edible sparkler ?

We used Mikado sticks dipped these in chocolate and got busy adding colour with sprinkles and edible glitter and the bang and pop of the firework came from the edible popping candy, we let the chocolate set which held all the glitter and sprinkles onto the Mikado sticks before giving these to the children to eat. 

We would like to say a special thank you to Lakeland who supplied all of the chocolate, edible stars, sprinkles and edible silks.


Cheaper housing - 50-75% share

2 x 2 bed houses, 1 x 3 bed house, Church Close, Wilby
Full Market Value from £142,500—£165,000, 50-75% Shares available for sale from £71,250
Available to local first time buyers and those unable to buy on the open market (applicants must live within the Mid Suffolk District Council area)

See full details here and locate the application pack on www.orwell-housing.co.uk

Mendham PC meetings

PC Invitations1

Conkers and Crumbles night

Friday 9th October 2015 - Autumn is upon us and the Mendham and Withersdale Youth club continues on with a new face of Helen Sims who has now taken over from Tracey Tompkins, the club thanks Tracey for her years of dedicated commitment to the club but don’t think she has just left yet as she will still be a face that you will recognise in the hall as the transition goes forward.  Like Tracey, Helen is also a mum of two girls who are also active at the youth club and will bring lots of crafting, cooking ideas to entertain the children.  

The night kicks off with a Conkers and crumbles theme and Brian will be holding champion conker smashing which went down a favourite activity the kids have done before.  In the main hall the children also got to practise their cooking skills and make fresh apple crumbles and the kitchen was infused with the smell of cinnamon and baked apples, lots of parents came to collect the children at the end of the night happy to see that pudding had already be cooked for tea.


Mendham history book

History Book Poster v2History Book v6 21082015 Final Print 03092015 CoverA history book about Mendham Parish has been written by a local author. Details are on the poster (left) and the front cover of the book is on the right. It was printed just before the Open Day at Mendham Mill and was on sale there. Sales started at 10am until 12:30 when it had sold out! A re-print is under way and copies should be available around 13th October 2015. The printing was crowd funded by members of the community.

The book contains many old pictures from within and outside the parish, together with some local history and quotations from Alfred Munnings' autobiography, 'An Artists Life'. The presentation is of a walk around Mendham Parish (Mendham and Withersdale villages) accompanied by Alfred where his quotations inform us about the buildings we see and the people that we meet. We will also see some of his paintings and research some of the characters he used as models.

This is a non-profit project for the local community. Book should hopefully be available again shortly and copies can be obtained from the Sir Alfred Munnings pub or contact Colin Herbert on 01379 588202 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please try to support this local community initiative and we will see if we can produce a Volume 2!


Lets get a tablet for the school!


Whatever you use, now is the time to change to Flora and help the school get a tablet PC. They tried last year and got 42 so narrowly missed out. Let's see if we can do it for them this time! Eat Flora with everything... we promise that we'll tell you when to stop!








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