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26th June Hatten Farm fundraising


The Friday fun club were busy this weekend as they appeared at the Hattens Farm nursery open day raising funding for the club with a stall selling pretties all donated from Val and Christine and we brought our tuck shop along as well as the face painting that proved popular at our last session at the club.  We managed to raise a total of £122.91p which we will be putting towards a petting zoo due to visit the club very soon. 

It was an amazing and wonderful day, fab stalls, wonderful generous people coming along supporting stalls. But most important two brilliant community spirited hosts, Eddie and Julie who shared a lovely setting, even the rain didn't dampen our spirits. Thank you from the Friday fun club for supporting our children and helping us raise funds to keep our club running. 

See more pictures from the open day here https://www.facebook.com/hattensfarmnurseries/posts/1129203870480352

PicMonkey Collage

24th July face painting and fairy day



A mix of rain and sun was the weather but that did not put off our funsters from going outside and having fun.  Even if the rain did drive some inside we had lots of activities to keep everyone occupied, check out the cutest little pickles below who managed to get round and be involved in every activity and had a lot of fun



We are making preparations for a flower festival that will be held at All Saints church celebrating William Shakespeare and his world of works held on the 2nd - 3rd July and the children have been creating fairies from lotus heads and acorns, aren't they beautiful.

PicMonkey Collage 1

We also did lots of face painting and there were tigers, puppies and panda walking round the club all night

PicMonkey Collage 2

meanwhile outside the 3 head gardeners were very busy harvesting their crop of radishes, rocket and sorrel that they have grown and from the RHS seeds

PicMonkey Collage 3

Fun Day - 2nd July 2016

Peter Andre

Hattens farm nursery open day

If your looking for something to do this Sunday why not pop along to Hattens Farm Nurseries who are having their 2nd open day after the success of last year. There will be lots to see and do with many wonderful exhibitors, crafts and vintage stalls. The Friday Fun club will also be there doing a bit of fund raising, the weather is set to be fine so come along and join the FUN!!!!


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17th June Make up day


Well Hello there Funster's and welcome to another week in the world of the Friday fun club!!!!!

We had a wonderful Friday night and as your read this article you will see so many happy beautiful faces with genuine smiles and sparkling eyes greeting you.

Our night kick off in the kitchen with our most delicious grandma cooking up chocolate rice crispy cake, where would we be without our Val teaching the children how to mix up sweet treats with such precision, there were sprinkles galour as children made their daddies chocolate crispy cakes ready for fathers day as well as crafts from the crafty fox club.  I think Arthur had a taste or two just make sure that all the levels of chocolate were correct before adding all the toppings.  In the main hall we also had a sword and crown making station as we had just to much fun on our Queens party celebration we didn't get round to making them, so many beautiful princesses sporting lovely crowns and knights with embellished swords.


Tonight as every night we try to give the children something different to explore and after noticing that many of the older girls are getting into make up and their mummies telling us about how their daughters have been borrowing their makeup we got on board to support the kids and opened a Girls den saloon !!!! They was much excitement in the school playground when we announced what was happening, they couldn't wait. Not only did we provided make up and a nail bar but hair chalk and spray to get a full on designer look.  We were also very lucky and got a wonderful lady called Bev who came along for the night from Superdrug, along with resident super mum Julie who came and gave us loads of brilliant tips on how to apply make up and do nail art and we are so grateful to Bev who gave up her time to support us, what a fab lady!!!  As you will see from the below pictures the girls got a real treat on how to apply make up, get fashionable high lights and learn how to do designer nails, the 3 of us were busy all night working the looks the cool cats were looking for.  



There was so much going on in the saloon it did not escape the interest of the boys and not to leave them out we invited them in and they had a ball !! all walking out with multi coloured mo hawks and funky nails.


Did you know that our age range is from 2 to 12 here are two bells of the club at either end of the age spectrum and both are flourish and blooming in front of our eyes by the week. Even though we have been going since February they have both grown so much and in particular Ella and Arther who have both been with us since 2 and a half, have social grown so much they are so confident and strong in their charcters with their freedom to explore their own space and peers around them.  Bella is changing by the week and turning into a very mature, kind and caring young adult we are very proud of all our beautiful children that come and spend time with us.


Here are some more pictures just to share with you a lovely cluster of four sparkling eyes of genuine happiness, as the children enjoy their time in our very special club. Below showing off nails from the nail bar. 


Being involved in the Friday fun club as any of the giving and brilliant volunteer would agree with me is making the children happy as a number one priority and seeing the children's happy faces each week is guilty pleasure and I am so proud of the work we do with such a wonderful team and even more wonderful children !!!


Queens birthday celebration - report

I must say, the Community Council do know how to do things well. There was bunting everywhere and the flowers were the appropriate colours. The hall was packed, about 120 people or so there, all having a buffet tea party. There was a huge cake, probably two foot by two foot (which is a funny way to talk about cake), with 'Happy Birthday Your Majesty' on it. There can’t be many times in a lifetime you write that on a cake!

There were films running of the last 90 years on a big screen and a woman came and played a small organ and everyone sang songs from the last 90 years. Then about 4pm we had the Royal toast. It is quite something to see 120 people stand as one, in a small village hall in the middle of Suffolk and toast a woman a 100 miles distant, whom they will probably never meet, who is unaware of their individual action. But it did bring a lump to the throat, and perhaps moistened the eye.

Celebration fit for a Queen!

Mendham and Withersdale celebrated in style on Sunday 12th June in honour of the Queen's 90th birthday. Committee members from various organisations in the parish, under the umbrella of the Mendham and Withersdale Community Council, organised a delicious afternoon tea complete with a glass of fizz and a birthday cake, which was cut by Pam Rhodes, a  senior resident of Withersdale.  Music over the past 90 years was played, local film footage from past and present was shown on the big screen, children bounced on a castle and played on the MUGA. After a rendition of the National Anthem played by Leighton on his cornet and a toast to the Queen, the residents made their way out onto the playing field where a village photograph was taken. A huge thank you to everyone who organised the event, provided and served tea and cakes, decorated the hall, played the music and helped to set up and clear away!

It was truly a lovely occasion where all the villagers came together to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Well done to everyone involved. Lots more photos will be uploaded and available to order soon.



10th June the Queens Party


 This week the Queen celebrates her 90th Birthday and to join in with the celebrations The Friday fun club came together and had a big party.  On Monday the team got together and spent most of the day decorating the village hall and we think the Queen would be impressed with our efforts.  My favourite is all the paintings of the children on the wall celebrating at a party.


We had over 30 children join us and so we put on a lovely big feast for them all and had 3 tables full of lovely sandwiches, cakes, quiche and a fruit kebab station.  We would love to thank our very special friends Budgens, the Tudor Bake house and Morrisons for helping us make this happen, I would like to thank Ros and Christine in helping getting all this ready for the children. 




As you could see the children were very excited and could not wait to dig in


After we had all energised from all the wonderful party food it was time for games, so we played the Queens royal shopping rush.  We had 3 queens Bella, Stanley (what a wonderful sport he is) and Jessica.  They were first dressed up by their teams to look regal and then they had to take their corgis for a walk.


However you didn't think we would make it that easy on the queens did you !!! all the corgis were blind folded so they could not see where to take their queens shopping.  The queens had to hit 3 shops and cross the finish line with all 3 items that they had bought, first Harrods to buy a scotch egg, followed on to Fortnum's and Masons for some lovely cookies and finally off to Selfridges for a bottle of champagne. 


It almost looked like Stanley's team was going to win, but the pressure of Bella's team hot on his heals made him drop all of his shopping and Bella won followed by Jessica's team with the would be champ finally coming in last.  There was much nail biting excitement.


The race was great fun but there was still more to do with a Birthday cake to make and the children got to make a lovely big mess as they designed 3 cakes to impress her majesty wrapping boxes in loo roll, foam and silly string. 


To finish off the games we had some good old fashioned fun with sack races and egg and spoon races.  So which team were the overall winners of the night well that honour went to her most regal and royal majesty Bella and her red team as the overall winners of the night, with both Stanley and Jessica taking a draw.




27th May Fun in the sun

A sunny evening for us at the club and we are so excited to be playing outside once more.  Gardening really seems to have ignited the children here and we are extending out trugs to a herb wheel barrow as the children are really enjoying learning about the growing process of seeds to flower or even better something they can munch on.  Zac was head gardener and was very precise and detailed about getting all the seeds planted and labelled and is looking forward to a radish when we come back from half term.  We even had magic soil that was tiny and the children could not believe their eyes as they added water and it grew and grew.


This week we were also very busy getting ready for the Queens birthday and the children got to make lots of personalise bunting and an image of themselves enjoying a party!!  Both of which will be proudly on show in the village hall. 


The club is really a very important place for the children to come to not only do they get to try new things, play games and sport but most important relax and build social connections with each other as well as have fun.  In their daily lives of rushing about doing their extra curricular activities as well as the demands of school work we hope that the Friday Fun club offers them that breath of space to be who they are, Children... 


Anyone for Boules?


As reported in the Spring 2015 Parish Council newsletter, the Boules Piste at the Village Hall has been constructed and is now complete and ready to be played on. The Piste is available for all to use at all times. There will be a grand opening on Sunday 24th July 2016, full details to follow.

The word Ball in French is boule which in turn gives its name to the game Boules where, from a standing position, you cast small solid metal balls to get close to the little jack or piglet ball! It is a form of bowls played on rough ground. Petanque is a variation. In a recent poll in Six Sense, the people of Mendham parish decided that the prize money from the Village of the Year (£850) should be used to build a Boules piste. Well done everyone.

Don't know how to play? No matter, here are the instructions.

20th May Preparing for the Queens party

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Nearly the end of May and we are able to play outside, Soon we will be having a lovely posh tea party for the Queens Birthday celebration at the Friday Fun Club so the children got to do a bit of messy creativity by making glittery bunting Here is Sophie one of the youngest Funsters at just 2 years old and she really enjoys coming along to the club.   Jodi and some of her friends got together and painted giant images of themselves, which we are going to put up as children shaped bunting as well.

As normal there was a lots of running around enjoying the outside space and toys and we had a new gardener Rafe, join the ranks looking after the trugs and he did a brilliant job at watering making sure everything had a good drink.  Rafe then joined in on the rocket seed science experiment and helped do the big count and measure to be recorded ready for the European space agency to take in as scientific data for the mission to find out if it is possible to grow food in space, judging by what our club has grown we think that yes indeed food can be grown and we hope that astronauts like salad leaves.

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Grass cutting & weed killing

Grass Cutting

One thing that you can guarantee every year is that grass will grow. It will grow at a different rate, depending upon the amount of rain that falls and the hours of sunshine – and the weather in general. The challenge for every local authority is managing that growth in a sensible way.

Locally, the verges adjacent to roads and visibility splays at junctions in rural areas are cut by Suffolk Highways, in accordance with a predefined schedule.  The cutting heads on the tractors that are used cut to a standard 1.2metre width and this ‘single swathe cut’ adjacent to main carriageways is carried out on all of the roads on that schedule.

In addition, visibility splays at junctions are generally cut back to a distance of 3m from the give way or stop lines, although this may be extended in some cases due to the geometry of the junction’s layout. All grass is cut to a length of 75mm.

When will the grass be cut in my area?

Suffolk Highways will cut verges adjacent to the A-road and B-road network twice during the grass growing season. The first cut will begin on May 2nd and will take around two weeks to complete. The second cut will begin on 11th July and will take a further two weeks to complete.  The verges on C-roads and unclassified roads will receive a single cut beginning on 6th June and will take around six weeks to complete.

How will the grass be cut?

Suffolk Highways has mobilised a fleet of seven tractors which will be working throughout May, June and July to ensure the full programme of cutting is completed on time. The tractors will display the Suffolk Highways livery together with the relevant high visibility markings and beacons. Operatives are fully trained and competent in the use of the machinery, as well as being familiar with the requirements of traffic management whilst on the network.

How will the service be managed?

Suffolk Highways will maintain daily contact with its supply chain partners ensuring any variations to the programme of works are identified quickly and efficiently. Services will be monitored to ensure daily productivity rates are kept as high as possible and the overall operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Where can I find out when the grass in my area will be cut?

A programme of works can be found on the county council’s website at www.suffolk.gov.uk/grasscutting

Weed Spraying

As gardeners everywhere know, weeds take the very slightest opportunity to grow anywhere. So, if there is any organic material in the channel of a road, decayed leaves between kerbs or pockets of soil in cracks in a footway, weeds will grow there!  

When will the weeds be treated in my area?

Weed treatments will be based upon two visits during the spring/summer season. However, an additional treatment may sometimes be necessary.  Suffolk Highways’ weed spraying programme started on Monday 18th April.

How are the weeds treated?

Weeds are treated by applying a low pressure herbicide spray with a hand-held lance.  Where possible, operatives will use a small all-terrain vehicle (quad bike) operated at a speed not exceeding 5 km/h. Footways and areas of restricted access will be treated on foot.

Where can I find out when the weeds in my area will be sprayed?

As with grass cutting, a programme of works can be found on the Suffolk Highways webpages on the county council’s website at www.suffolk.gov.uk/weed-control


Harleston & Waveney Art Trail (HWAT)


Welcome to the Harleston & Waveney Art Trail
We are a collective of professional artists who live and work in the picturesque Waveney Valley on the boundary of Norfolk and Suffolk. Each year, over two weekends, we open our art studios to the public.

HWAT 2016: ‘Open Studios’ Art Trail

Two Mendham Parish artists showing this year are Val Lindsell and Sue Laughlin

21 – 22 May 2016

28 – 30 May 2016 (including Bank Holiday Monday)

The artists studios will be open 11am to 6pm

Download the Harleston & Waveney Art Trail brochure 2016 [PDF 3mb].


Aldeburgh beach boats (batik on silk) by Caryl Challis

Latest News: Update on HWAT exhibitions & events in 2016

HWAT’s new book: Waveney Reflections: From Brockdish to Bungay, a Portrait of the River


Insect night 13th May 2016


I just love the Friday fun club it does exactly what it says on the tin FUN!!!!

Our night started with a massive dance off and loads of fab music to get everybody in the mood, there were some funky shape thrown about and after every one was warmed up off to have more fun...

bomb 1

The Crazy mad professors were creating and hatching bombs with all kinds of mysterious things inside, messy fun at our club sure is messy and very fun and Julie is a fountain of mad and crazy ideas that keep all the children engaged, exploring and being curious.  Some of the children then went on to think about what happening if you do something slightly different with the bombs ??? of course Julie was well up for more experiments from the heads of her crazy mini professors. 

bomb 2

Over at Crafty Foxes Ros and Christine and the rest of the gang were making pet bugs check out these wonderful fluffy creatures.

insect 1

Outside was just as good fun if a little grey today, but Brian has finally got his Frisbee golf running he is a very wonderfully patient man with more great ideas on how to keep the kids happy, and naughty Sophie thought she would cover poor old Brian in grass and so he gave chase round the field.  Our kids bring us so much joy each week and we really do look forward to seeing them and seeing their creativity and social bonds grow with each week that goes by check out the 3 little old grannies with mad jumper hair they kept us laughing most of the night with their antics.

resized outside

Finally our really rather exciting seeds from space are growing look how big they have gotten in just a few weeks.  In fact our club is now affiliated with the RHS and has even more gardening projects on the way which we hope to be sharing with you all soon. 

Lastly A MASSIVE thank you to LEO, BRIAN, SOPHIE and ELLA for donating their old toys to the boot fair held at the village hall on the 14th your help along with MUCH LOVE to VAL and ROS who manned the stall raised a whooping £72 which is going towards a really special treat for the children for next term we cant wait to share with you, but before we do Val and Ros will be doing another boot fair to help raise a little more our target is another £100 so if you have any old toys you don't need please bring them along to the club on Friday night or give Val a call 01379 586557.  So if you fancy a clear out to make a bit of space or a spring clean please do think of us.


Party on the Green 6th May


How quickly the weather changes this time of year, last week it was snowing and to cold to play and this week it was hotter than Barcelona !!!!


We were due to have a disco but the weather was just too good so we took our music and headed outside for some fun in the sun. 




The Children had been waiting ages to get out side and run around and as you can see by these pictures they all had a wonderful time and the fresh air and sunshine made everyone happy.  The children also enjoyed making their own cocktails and loads of fruit concoctions were mixed up in glasses and slurped down fast as all that running about is hot work.


Our little green thumb club were itching to get out also even though the gardens had just been planted they insisted on dead heading the pansy's and looking for troublesome weeds, and just making sure that the designs and layout was perfect.


All Saints concert - Four Voices


Brome Community Recycling Centre re-opens!

Mid-Suffolk District Council is pleased to announce that after a period of closure; Brome Community Recycling Centre will re-open on Monday 2nd May 2016, more details are included on the attached leaflet. If you have any questions or enquiries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 07857 662528 or have a look at this leaflet.

Amy's London Marathon update


Our Amy did it!! she ran and completed the London Marathon.   Her time was a very impressive 4 hours a 29mins she said "it was amazing, the atmosphere was incredible and she enjoyed every minute of it, although she is feel a little achy now"  and who wouldn't be after a gruelling experience as a 26 mile run.  Amy raised an impressive £3740.75 on her just giving page found here, https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Amy-Godbold4.  The Friday fun club also help raised funds for this amazing lady and our night took a fabulous £164 well done kids and parents that all supported Amy and her chosen charity of Children with Cancer. 


We hope Amy is looking forward to a bit of a rest now and putting her feet up as she totally deserves it.

Car Boot Sale & Market

Saturday 14th May 2016, 9am - 1pm

Mendham & Withersdale Village Hall

All tables/stalls £5 and are limited so please book early!

For further information and to book, please call:

Steve  01379 586557

Becky  01379 586739

Jill  01379 852559

22nd March Monsters night


 Friday once more and we had a jam packed session with lots to do for everyone, but there was still time to chill out and chat and look through the magazines


Our theme this night was monsters and the crazy professors hit it off in style by making the most disgusting, gloopy, slimy, drippy, crazy coloured basil seed slime YUK!!!


The Crafty foxes had loads of fun creating lots of cute stone monsters and the parents had better be ready when it comes to doing the bedtime reading as there were munching monsters made from origami ready to bite into bedtime stories. 


We have been so lucky to team up with the RHS and ESA ( European space agency) and work on Tim Peakes Science experiment and grow some actual seeds that have been up in space with him to find out if micro gravity will effect them.  Some of the children thought the seeds would grow upside down and some thought aliens plants would grow and chase the children .... I guess we will find out soon!!!   

Space seed

As I said we had a jam packed session and we had our big launch of the Little green thumb club, as you all know we have just started our club so we are so very grateful to a few companies who have stepped in to support our children have a wonderful experience with us.  Thank you to Veg trug who have given us 2 very beautiful trugs to create miniature landscapes in for years to come, Thank you to Wyevale Garden centre at Bressingham who supplied us 75liters of composts to fill them with and some forks to dig with and thank you to Weybred garden centre who have supplied us with some very pretty plants for the children to get to grips with and understand an introduction into gardening.  Thank you so much for help us make such a wonderful and enriching activity for the children happen and for the future years to come.


Here is Val the proud G'Ma of the little green thumb club with some of her newest members to the club, getting ready to design a landscape to our two themes one Dinosaur and one fairy and it was so great to see so many little hands getting involved and crossing over from one garden to the other creating and layout out their ideas from the lovely handmade, beg, borrowed and charity bought props and then enjoying creating the story for the props laying out flowers and plants and enjoying the planting process.  Have a look below at what they have achieved already and if you are around the village hall make sure you have a little look at all their hard work. 






Planning applications - Public meeting

Public Meeting

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